Snorkers Imaginarium is a woollen nest in a secret location in Brighton, UK, from which I design and make an eclectic variety of things which have been described as "odd". My most popular items are Poirot, sloths, and politicians.

Let me tell you how it all began.

I first picked up a crochet hook in November 2011 on a then-rare night out.  I was dropping my five year old son off with his auntie for a sleepover with his cousins, when she suggested I have a go at crocheting a flower before I went off into the night.  To shamelessly make a groan-worthy crochet pun, I was immediately hooked.  I think I sat there for about two and a half hours just making one, very scraggy looking crocheted flower - but somehow it felt like tapping into a language I'd forgotten I knew.  Later, in the pub, my eyes glazed over as I recounted over and over again in my head how the flower was made.  Next morning I scrabbled around for some scraps of wool and, using the hook I had been sent away with, I made another. Then I bought some proper yarn and made hundreds of them until I could knock out a crocheted flower in about twenty minutes.

But soon the flowers weren't enough and I moved on to harder designs like granny squares and amigurumi.  

With the knowledge of a few basic stitches under my belt I suddenly realised I could crochet anything I could imagine and so I began making all sorts of things - cuddly frogs, cushions, unicorns, portraits of people and so on.   People started asking me to take commissions, so in May 2012 I set up my Etsy shop and got to work.  

Then one day in September 2013 I woke up reeeeeally hating Michael Gove (UK Education Secretary at the time) and I had an idea - I would crochet a pincushion based on his head. It was a very silly concept but contrary to my expectations people loved it and - to my utter bewilderment - it went viral overnight.  Suddenly I was in all the major papers, all over the internet, on TV, doing radio interviews and most terrifyingly of all, I had people filming me talk, in my flat, twice.

Since then I've designed several more political pincushions and an alternative xmas tree topper for the festive atheist socialist, had various encounters with celebrities and politicians, and thankfully have also got a bit better at dealing with the press. You can read some of the newspaper and internet articles about my work, hear me attempting to talk on the radio and see me survive BBC Daily Politics as well as getting mocked on Have I Got News For You, all over on my shiny new Press Page.

Now, in April 2017, having reached the grand old age of 40 and the classic milestone of 1,462 orders taken via Etsy, I've decided it's finally time to set up a little shop all of my own.

I hope you enjoy browsing this website and I look forward to amusing you with many more new designs in the coming months and years.

Peace and Solidarity,

Kat x