The Jeremy Hunt Voodoo Pincushion

I have wanted to make a voodoo pincushion of Jeremy Hunt's face for a very, very long time, but couldn't quite figure out how to really capture that punchable smugness enough to really bring catharsis to those who have suffered under his tyranny. 

At long last, I think I've done it, or at least I've got as close as I can without needing to bleach my eyes and soul clean from over exposure. 

I've kept the price as low as I can on this one (given the time he takes to make) because, as with the Michael Gove pincushion (in his case teachers) I feel there are a lot of people out there working their arses off in the NHS who need this and deserve to have it. I'd give them away for free if I could.

All items from my shop are hand made individually by me so if you'd like to give the gift of a Jeremy Hunt Voodoo Pincushion to the stressed out angel in your life, hop across to my shop now and order the pincushion or the pattern to crochet your own now!