The Day I Finally Met Jeremy Bernard Corbyn

August 2016

I doubt it will surprise you to know that I am a bit of a fan of Jeremy Corbyn.

So, on 2nd August 2016 I went along to his very sold out rally at the Brighton Centre. I was chuffed just to have a ticket, as they went like hot cakes (it was free, but ticketed. Of course, being the legend he is, Jeremy Corbyn did a separate speech outside for all of those unable to get tickets to the event) and camaraderie in the queue to get in early was high. I had brought along a Corbyn doll in the hope that I would get to meet him, but had been told it was very unlikely.

Imagine my extreme over excitedness when my friend Libby (who works with the brilliant left-wing group Momentum) appeared and told me that she had told Jeremy about my dolls and he wanted to meet me afterwards!

And so here we are, together, after his brilliant, brilliant rally. I look an absolute mess, having queued in the rain and not made all that much effort in the first place because I didn't really expect to meet him - but I don't care - this is one of my favourite photos ever, even with my big gormless grin on.

Of course, he was lovely. I was a bit too giddy to ask or say anything meaningful but I offered him the doll and his lovely eyes twinkled as he took it, smiled and popped it in his pocket, as you can see here. 

And then off he went, to do more awesome stuff.

My hero. <3 

Jeremy Corbyn and Katrina Stiff