'Which of these utter bastards is the worst' poll - results!

On 16th August I ran a poll asking the public which of these utter bastards is the worst, and the results are in!

Yes, with her biggest majority since she climbed triumphant upon David Cameron's rotting carcass your awful winner is Theresa May, with an uncharacteristically impressive mandate of 69.5%. Well done Theresa.

As much as I always say that the voodoo bit is a joke, I almost felt bad sitting here sticking 167 pins in Theresa May's head but then I remembered schools, the NHS and poverty and I have to say that made it feel ok again.

Congratulations/commiserations to Michael Gove who came 2nd with 20% of the vote, and Boris Johnson who continues to snake along relatively unhated because he has silly hair, with a mere 10.5%, the popular bastard.


Thanks to The Canary for spreading the word! https://www.thecanary.co/2017/08/17/internet-voting-fate-britains-three-loathed-conservative-politicians-image/