Jeremy Hunt Voodoo Pincushion - Crochet Pattern


Jeremy Hunt Voodoo Pincushion - Crochet Pattern


This is a pattern to crochet your own Jeremy Hunt Voodoo Pincushion!

He probably won't feel it (does he feel anything?), but it might help to relieve your symptoms of anger and frustration at what this utter monster has done to our precious health service and what he might be cooking up next

It also makes a cracking pincushion and is therefore the most useful thing Mr Hunt has done to date.

You can also order a ready made Jeremy Hunt Voodoo Pincushion crocheted by my very own hand here:

To make this you will need:

  • 2 x 25g balls of flesh pink DK yarn

  • 1 x 25g ball of medium brown yarn

  • 13g polyester fibrefill

  • A small piece of white felt

  • A small piece of flesh pink felt

  • Brown fabric or acrylic paint

  • Tacky PVA glue

  • 3.5mmm crochet hook

  • Knitters needle

  • Scissors

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