Theresa May Pincushion


Theresa May Pincushion


These are dark times for the UK. With the whole country falling apart, Brexit looming and all our public services gasping for air under the harsh and cruel Tory cuts, you may be carrying a lot of pent up anger and anxiety around with you.

Well, on a personal level at least, help is at hand. Now you can harmlessly purge that frustration with the cathartic and therapeutic Theresa May Voodoo Pincushion!!

Also perfect for anyone in need of a pincushion.

This pincushion is crocheted by hand and mentally infused with thoughts of Theresa May losing the forthcoming election. It is made to order, in polyester yarn and aggressively stuffed with polyester fibrefill.

Pins not included!

** SHIPPING TIMES VARY!! This is because every single Theresa May Pincushion is hand made by me and takes several hours to be ready to start its new life helping you find a glimmer of humour in this ridiculous and terrifying situation. Please be assured however I will be crocheting day and night to get her to you as quickly as I can.

The pattern to crochet your own Theresa May Pincushion is also available so if you have the skills (or know someone who does), why not have a go?

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*The voodoo element of this is just a joke (although if you can get it to work, all power to you).

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